Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When all else fails.....throw someone's stuff

It all started with a Coke can and a water bottle...

Jennifer Barnhart, being in the super obnoxious mood that she was in, threw an empty coke can at innocent Brandi. Brandi, in complete shock, looked around to see what she could throw. The closest thing was Kristi's water bottle. In a split second the water bottle was chucked across the table and all...heck...breaks...loose. Random objects soon got launched into the sky, into the woods, and into other unnecessary places. Hannah, as usual, got mad because of "imaginary water" that fell upon her precious arm, and took it out on Kristi. More screaming, throwing, and fighting continued, and then Kristi did the unthinkable. She kicked Hannah's lunchbox. Everything became still. The birds stopped chirping. The students stopped yelling. Psh! Even the cars on the highway stopped! Kristi had made a grave mistake. Hannah erupted.

Soon the screaming, throwing, and fighting died down and we all laughed it off and started our walk towards the building. Somehow, between the picnic table and the building, Rachel's shoes were thrown on top of the bus...they were stuck on top of the bus. Hannah, being in a better mood, climbed onto the bus and retrieved the shoes. When the shoes were returned to poor Rachel they were thrown again and again...and again. Someone then had the bright idea to kick Brandi's lunchbox across the parking lot.While Brandi was walking to retrieve her abused lunch, Hannah,who appeared from the sky, kicked the lunchbox even further. Brandi, once again in utter SHOCK, stole Hannah's purse, ran across the parking lot, and threw the purse into the trash can.

The gates of hell were opened. The monkeys in the zoo had been restless and began to act like the true animals they were. Nothing was safe. Nate was being chased and insisted on using the "spin move" when no one was around him. Long story short...his keys were stolen...and so was Brandi's lunchbox...again! Jennifer spotted a tree and thought, "hm lets see if i can get Brandi's lunchbox stuck in the tree!" Over and over and over again she threw the lunchbox into the tree but to no avail...the lunchbox persevered. Nate's keys however, did not. Nate's keys remained in the tree and Brandi came to the rescue, hoping to use her lunchbox to knock it down. Soon there was a pair of keys AND a lunchbox stuck in the tree. Everyone by now was tired and hot, so inside we went leaving our belongings scattered around the school...all in a good days work...

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