Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When all else fails.....throw someone's stuff

It all started with a Coke can and a water bottle...

Jennifer Barnhart, being in the super obnoxious mood that she was in, threw an empty coke can at innocent Brandi. Brandi, in complete shock, looked around to see what she could throw. The closest thing was Kristi's water bottle. In a split second the water bottle was chucked across the table and all...heck...breaks...loose. Random objects soon got launched into the sky, into the woods, and into other unnecessary places. Hannah, as usual, got mad because of "imaginary water" that fell upon her precious arm, and took it out on Kristi. More screaming, throwing, and fighting continued, and then Kristi did the unthinkable. She kicked Hannah's lunchbox. Everything became still. The birds stopped chirping. The students stopped yelling. Psh! Even the cars on the highway stopped! Kristi had made a grave mistake. Hannah erupted.

Soon the screaming, throwing, and fighting died down and we all laughed it off and started our walk towards the building. Somehow, between the picnic table and the building, Rachel's shoes were thrown on top of the bus...they were stuck on top of the bus. Hannah, being in a better mood, climbed onto the bus and retrieved the shoes. When the shoes were returned to poor Rachel they were thrown again and again...and again. Someone then had the bright idea to kick Brandi's lunchbox across the parking lot.While Brandi was walking to retrieve her abused lunch, Hannah,who appeared from the sky, kicked the lunchbox even further. Brandi, once again in utter SHOCK, stole Hannah's purse, ran across the parking lot, and threw the purse into the trash can.

The gates of hell were opened. The monkeys in the zoo had been restless and began to act like the true animals they were. Nothing was safe. Nate was being chased and insisted on using the "spin move" when no one was around him. Long story short...his keys were stolen...and so was Brandi's lunchbox...again! Jennifer spotted a tree and thought, "hm lets see if i can get Brandi's lunchbox stuck in the tree!" Over and over and over again she threw the lunchbox into the tree but to no avail...the lunchbox persevered. Nate's keys however, did not. Nate's keys remained in the tree and Brandi came to the rescue, hoping to use her lunchbox to knock it down. Soon there was a pair of keys AND a lunchbox stuck in the tree. Everyone by now was tired and hot, so inside we went leaving our belongings scattered around the school...all in a good days work...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're Back.

We separated. We went on a trip. We re-united.
What does this mean? The Junior girls are back with a vengeance, and louder than ever.
What else does this mean? More blog posts. For all four of you who read this thing.
Today was just like old times, just with new people (Taylor & Hannah). We stuffed all 10 of ourselves at one picnic table, and complained about how hungry we were after having already eaten. We ranted about whatever had sparked our displeasure through the first half of the day. And Taylor offered up a piece of her sandwich. INSTANTLY, every hand at the table flew and the first three were victorious. Georgie, Jennifer, & Hannah all ended up with  an equal third of the sandwich, and as you can see, they were not about to lose it. That thing was in their mouth in about .25 seconds.
and as you can see, Taylor was a smidge intimidated.

Georgie was the only one who ate it civilly...we don't take her food...I don't feel like getting attacked with a rake.

The above picture leads me to my NEXT topic. As I was leaning over Georgie to take this picture, I hear a male voice call me. This is how the conversation went:
"Hey Kristi, you seen Tim??" -Nate
"Does it look like Tim is over here??" -Hannah
"Yeah, uh, do you see any black males at this table?" -Kristi
"Well, I just saw black people so..." -Nate
...and that's where the conversation stopped as Georgie and Brandi both FLEW from their places at the table, with Brandi yelling and Georgie running at Nate. Now, had she really wanted to catch him, she would have. But she ran rather slow for effect as we watched them take a lap around the parking lot and then into the building. Which lead to peals of uncontrollable laughter, and soon, peace.

Everyone decided to do heel clicks off the curb. Why, you may ask? Don't over-think won't be able to make sense of it. Anyhow, Kirstie evilly whispered to me: "We should all attack Morgan...pass it on". and so the ambush was put in order, and we all lined up to do one huge group "heel click", Morgan being the audience. We armed Hannah with the camera, and what ensued was:

1. the funniest face Morgan's ever made
2. chaos

**video to come**

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Bring your iPod...and a rake."

Brandi's sandwich.
Jasmine's Kool-aid.
Georgie's brain?

This is just the beginning of a long list of things lost today at lunch.

Brandi's sandwich: Brandi stands up. I pick up the sandwich to ask for a bite. Next thing I know, there's a fist in my back and a fierce: "Put it down!". This is what I get for asking...a bruise. But I got a bite...or three...anyways ;)

Jasmine's Kool-aid: Jasmine gets something stolen almost every day...but USUALLY it gets returned. Not if you give it to Tim...only seconds before the interrogation, the only thing I could hear was: "I need a draaank! Anybody got some quartahs?!" After a unanimous: "NO, TIM!", came a single: "where's my kool-aid??". The whole table was questioned & patted down but to no avail...but Tim's face spoke otherwise. And the empty kool-aid packet he pulled out of his pocket agreed with the smirk on his face.
"Jasmine, look in the trash..."
"WHO threw away my kool-aid?!"
and then the chase. But it was too funny to be angry for long.

And last but not least: Georgie. and the rake. Actually, let me back it up...Brandi, Hannah, Noah, and I were enjoying the weather outside, dancing about, minding our business when Jasmine and the Nieminions appeared. They advanced on us slowly and joined our conversation...well, two of them did. The OTHER one, (Georgie) picked up a rake and began to mess up the leaves and pine needles in the area. And then it happened. SOMEONE was bound to say SOMETHING dumb sooner or later, and today it happened to be Brandi:
"Georgie, you should be used to hard work...your ancestors are African!"
Georgie's head whipped around to Brandi and almost instantaneously the rake was in the air, and Brandi running across the parking lot with Georgie (and the rake) hot on her heels. Georgie soon gave up and returned to the rest of us, who were ROFLAPOP (I'll let you translate that however you so please). Brandi made her way back slowly, and Georgie made the appearance of a truce by advancing on Brandi, rake slung over her shoulder, only one word coming from her mouth...a word that no one understood, but apparently it meant something similar to ambush. Just as the word escaped her lips, Georgie pounced, and Brandi ran. And we laughed.
This is why none of us take P.E.
Because the people involved are usually running, and the rest of us are laughing so hard we may as well all have 8-packs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There are very few things in life that can start an argument at CCS. Okay, that's a lie. Correction: There are very few things in life that do not start arguments at CCS.
What were the arguments about today?

A bologna sandwich. This is how it began:
Kristi: "Brandi, WHY is the cheese in that sandwich so THICK?!"
Brandi: "uhhh...cause I like cheese?"
Georgie: "I KNOW!!! That bologna is TOO THICK and you only need one slice! Not three!"
She proceeded to fume about the proper thickness of a slice of deli meat, demonstrating with Noah's vocabulary cards. According to Georgie, the sandwich may as well have been a meat lovers' sandwich without bread (sidenote: I was eating meat lovers' pizza. but that's the next story). The next disaster? Georgie asking for a bite of the sandwich...which led to the next conversation...or debate. That's your call.

As is common knowledge, meat lovers' pizza generally comes with bacon.
But I HATE BACON! Especially on pizza. So my first bite into my pizza, it dawned on me:
"There BETTER not be bacon on this mess!"
That's when Noah decided to get crazy and volunteer to eat MY pizza if it had bacon on it.

Something about this week is making people lose their minds...meatlover sandwiches? eating MY pizza?
yeahhhh something's wrong.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Always Something to be Learned

So, today I was not around the table. I was in the computer lab through lunch. But I heard one thing about the lunch table and one thing only:

Don't ask Tim about his Kool-Aid.

He's a bit more sensitive then Brandi, Georgie, & I (even though I never really fit the stereotype) just don't do it.